The 3 Types Of Media To Publicize Your Business

A content strategy is a plan to attract and engage the business’s target audience using written, visual, and audio materials. Organizations can have various purposes for employing content strategies. The most common goal is to increase brand awareness. Through media publication in channels such as social media, the company can reach massive communities to increase their familiarity with the brand, product, or service.

The company can use various media for its content strategy. And very popular for their impact are paid media, owned media, and earned media.

Paid media is where the company pays a third party to disperse information they want to broadcast. Although organic or nonpaid content is becoming more popular today, creating a media publication strategy with paid media can still help the business grow. 

It is one of the fastest ways to bring attention to the company. Setting it up only takes minutes, and the company can already observe traffic immediately after launching the advertisement. Even if the company gives the advertisers the power to manage the paid media, the former still has full control over details like the target audience.

On the other hand, owned media is any material that the organization has direct control over. Examples include websites, newsletters, blogs, and catalogs. The major advantage of using owned media is that the entity can keep content fresh and varied without paying for it. But its disadvantage is being high-maintenance and time-consuming.

Finally, earned media is the publicity the company gains naturally through activities and content that they did not pay for. An example is when someone willingly mentions the company brand or posts a picture of the product on social media. Earned media is very popular today, and it is a good way to build credibility and attract new customers.

Employ these different types of media in your company’s content strategy. Get the help of a public relations agency like NGP IMC to get professional assistance in connecting your brand’s story to the people. You can also learn more about earned, owned, and paid media in an infographic from NGP IMC.


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