6 Wonderful Waterfalls in Yogyakarta that You Must Visit

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Yogyakarta is a cultural city that has a myriad of unique tourist spots. In addition, this city also saves potential natural beauty. One of them is the beauty of the waterfall. However, the location of waterfall tourism in Yogyakarta is quite hidden. This does not dampen the enthusiasm of tourists to come to enjoy the enchanting panorama. If you have a vacation plan to Yogyakarta, here is a list of waterfall tours that you can explore.

  • Kedung Pedut Waterfall

Kedung Pedut Waterfall is located in Kulonprogo Regency, precisely in Dusun Kembang. This waterfall is precisely located in the Menoreh Mountains. Here, you will find natural beauty that is beautiful, beautiful, and unspoiled.

There are two colors in the waterfall, namely turquoise and white. You have to climb and descend the hill to get to the location of the waterfall. Even though it is tiring, the long journey will be paid off with the extraordinary scenery in front of your eyes.

Here, you can try swimming in the pool where the water is cool. In addition, there are simple supporting facilities built by the surrounding community for the convenience of visiting the waterfall.

  • Randusari Waterfall

Randusari waterfall has a height of up to 12-15 meters. At the same time, the depth of the pool below is about 1-3 meters. This waterfall is located in the Girimulyo Regency area. The name Randusari was chosen because around the waterfall, and therewaterfall’s namethat is a fairly large kapok tree.

You need to know that this waterfall can only be visited during the rainy season. In that season you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfall by swimming in the pool below the waterfall. The manager provides a trash can so that the cleanliness of the waterfall environment is always maintained.

  • Pulosari Waterfall

Pulosari Waterfall is located in Bantul Regency. Although the flow of the waterfall is quite small, this does not reduce the beauty it emits. Pulosari waterfall is located in a deep valley surrounded by rocky hills. The location of the waterfall can only be reached on foot.

Arriving at the waterfall spot, you can swim in the pool below the waterfall. The air is very fresh so you will feel the freshness of the waterfall. This natural tourist spot is equipped with some basic facilities to support your comfort when traveling.

  • Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Gunungkidul Regency. The waterfall’s location can be reached by walking and riding a simple raft, and it costs around 10 thousand rupiahs to go back and forth. During the trip, you will be treated to the beautiful surrounding scenery.

This waterfall area is decorated with green trees and rocks. In addition to the main waterfall, there is a pond below it. From the pool, the water will descend the rocks that are steps. This, of course, adds to the beauty of the waterfall.

This waterfall already has basic facilities so that you will be more comfortable playing in the water here. For those of you who cannot swim, the manager provides a buoy for the safety and comfort of visitors.

  • Kedung Kandang Waterfall

Another waterfall in Yogyakarta that you can explore is Kedung Kandang Waterfall. It has a unique appearance. The waterfall is in the middle of rice fields with six levels of waterfalls. Its place in the rice fields adds to the beauty of the surrounding panorama from the waterfall. You have to be observant if you want to stop by this spot because the place is quite hidden.

In addition to rice fields, the beauty of this waterfall is sweetened by the volcanic cliffs of ancient volcanoes that surround it. At each level, there is a hood. However, you are prohibited from bathing in it, even though the waterfall looks cool and fresh.

  • Kembang Soka Waterfall

Kembang Soka Waterfall is located in Kulonprogo Regency. This waterfall is popular because it has clear water and looks turquoise green. Around the waterfall, there are shady trees to feel the natural beauty of the scenery around the waterfall.

In the past, this place was overgrown with soka flowers which became the origin of the name of the waterfall. You will feel at home for a long time in this waterfall because of the beautiful and natural atmosphere. In addition, you can play in the pool below the waterfall.

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