Are You Getting The Best Out of Your Company Website?

Business is good. Your website looks slick, professional, and modern. But are you really getting the most out of it? Are you getting the conversions and enquiries that you could be? Here are some things to consider when talking to a professional digital marketing agency.

Use Social Media

A stand-alone website used to be enough for business, especially if the site ticked all of the boxes when it comes to copy, style and message. But increasingly, people expect there to be social links. In fact, a lack of social presence can leave customers slightly sceptical or suspicious. So, it is vital to make sure your website has easy-to-find links to your social media platforms. We’re not saying you have to set up links to every platform going, but a good link to a Facebook business page and perhaps a Twitter feed, depending on your business, will allow your customers to reach out to you, and see that you are approachable and stay up to date with your latest news. Social posts are a great way to stay current and to keep your customers engaged.

Use Google Adwords

The top benefit of Google PPC AdWords is that you see results mush faster than with SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords Pay-per-Click are search engine marketing approaches to produce more traffic and leads. But, a well optimised AdWords campaign can work almost immediately for a business to get the much desired first place in a search. If you are not familiar with PPC, consider hiring a PPC agency to set up campaigns for you. The benefits of hiring someone who knows what they are doing, will far outweigh the cost.

Keep Copy Current

Content plays a large part in what makes a terrific website. For one, it’s what tells search engines, that your website is worked on and active. Posting new content and updating your old posts is  how Google knows what you have to offer is relevant and worth including in the search results.

Even if your web copy reads great on the page, it’s important to keep it up-to-date and to look out for current trends that will help your website stand out. Whether that’s simply refreshing your copy and the overall look and style of your site, introducing a blog where you can make the best use of keywords that tap into your business, or writing the occasional article that you can post up on LinkedIn to keep your customers informed and up to date.

Be Yourself

You’re not going to stand out just by using the right ranking techniques and great vector art. Some of the best websites are the ones that keep attention by injecting character and showing the human behind the business. People relate to people, so don’t be afraid to have an ‘about page’ on your site or a ton of copy that adds a little charisma. Business these days doesn’t have to be dry to be professional. In fact, some of the most successful websites are more fun and show their professionalism through reputation and personability. A quick look at the Innocent brand will show you exactly how successful this style of site and brand can be.

Finally, don’t get lost in the data! This is a huge one. Businesses these days get so bogged down by trying to analyse website traffic that they lose sight of what’s really important. Leave the data to the experts and concentrate on your individual message: share your values and your passion – this should come through in spades, as it will keep your audience interested and engaged. So, keep on message and avoid getting lost in the technicalities.

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