The Benefits Of Partial Dentures For Regaining Your Smile And Confidence

Dentures are commonly assumed of replacing the entire upper or lower teeth in your mouth. However, today partial dentures are precisely designed and crafted to replace a few missing teeth so that people can enjoy new smiles without sacrificing the healthy tooth structure that remains intact.

A partial denture not only fills the space created due to missing teeth but also prevents other teeth from shifting. They are a better option over other teeth options for teeth replacement like bridges and implants. We will how as we understand the benefits of partial dentures.

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How do partial dentures work?

Partial or removable dentures are used for treating partial tooth loss which means the patient still has some teeth and healthy gum remaining. Your dentist in Rancho Bernardo will check your mouth if partial dentures are the most effective tooth replacement treatment for you.

Full dentures sit on the top of the entire gum but partial dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth. It involves a plate made of plastic or resin which is a mixture of metal and plastic materials that contains a set of false teeth.

The oral prosthetic device is attached to the healthy neighboring teeth with clasps to help the teeth stay in place, especially while speaking or taking a bite.

Why partial dentures?

There are several benefits of getting partial dentures.

Replaces missing teeth

This is the most obvious and important benefit to choose partial dentures as they replace a few missing teeth or a single tooth. Moreover, they are also cheaper than full dentures.

Dentists often recommend partial dentures when you have three or more missing teeth next to each other in the mouth.

Partial dentures are also used in cases of complex tooth loss. In many cases, tooth loss involves multiple teeth that are not next to each other and hence, cannot be treated with dental bridges.

You can get a custom-made partial denture with a base that can sit comfortably on the dental ridge replacing the teeth in the exact places where you have lost teeth.

Less invasive procedure

Partial dentures involve a less invasive and better solution for replacing missing teeth. They restore the aesthetics of your mouth filling the gaps in your smile.

Your ability to talk and chew gets disturbed even with a single missing tooth. Partial dentures restore that ability and you can talk and chew like before.

There is no lengthy waiting time before getting your dentures installed. You get adapted to your dentures easily as most patients get used to their dentures within one or two weeks of constant wear and use.

Fill gaps between teeth and maintain jaw structure

Your teeth provide stability to each other and stimulate bone growth in the jaw. This is what holds your jaw intact. Even one missing tooth can disbalance your remaining teeth and they will start shifting into the opening.

Moreover, there could be bone loss in your jaw near the missing tooth. All this can change your physical appearance and result in further dental problems.

Partial dentures

  • Fill in the gaps where the tooth is missing
  • Prevent the remaining healthy teeth from shifting and getting weak
  • Maintain your jaw structure and appearance by keeping the remaining healthy teeth intact in their place.

They are removable

Permanent dental implants are permanent solutions that cannot be removed and stay fixed inside your mouth. However, partial dentures can be removed whenever you wish. You can clean them and your mouth as well.

Keep visiting your cosmetic dentist Rancho Bernardo for getting your partial dentures adjusted and also to ensure that it continues to fit comfortably throughout.

Makes you feel confident

Millions of people have at least one missing tooth in the US and many have no teeth at all. Partial dentures are the easiest and most affordable option for tooth replacement that not only restores your missing tooth but also restores your smile and confidence. They make you feel more confident in your appearance, especially when you are smiling.

Whether you have lost one or multiple teeth, there is no need to worry. Simply visit Hekmat Dental Care in Rancho Bernardo for a partial denture where the skilled team of Dr. Reza Hekmat would be more than happy to help you in regaining your missing tooth and a healthy smile.

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