Wondering How to Ship Your Car to or From Alabama?

You invest your money and emotions to buy your favorite car. When you plan to shift in or out of Alabama, you may be looking for a reliable, efficient and trustworthy shipping company. You will be more concerned about the safety of your car.

However, you do not have to worry about relocating your car along with you to Alabama. Ship a Car, Inc is located in Florida. They are FMCSA certified and licensed vehicle shipping company. With over 35 years of experience in the field, they have a wide network of carriers across the U.S.A. In case of minor damage to your car, they provide a zero deductible coverage protection to safeguard your car.

Tips to find a trusted shipping company

A preplanned relocation will save you time to research on your vehicle shipper. Browse online to find the available shippers in and around Alabama or consult your friends and family to find some more listings. Reach them out to get quotations and compare them to shortlist few reliable and trustworthy shippers.

You can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to verify the quality of services of the shipper. Visit the shipper’s website for the reviews of their existing customer on the services. Before you finalize the shipping deal, you must visit the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to verify the shippers’ service license and insurance policies. Later, you can visit the shipper’s office to book your consignment.

While selecting a shipper, it is better to go for an experienced and reputed company. They understand the industry better and have good influence throughout the Alabama region. A prior booking will facilitate time to prepare your car for shipment, fast pick-up and delivery.

Factors affecting the cost of shipping your car

You must know the terms and delivery types to understand the costing and safety of shipping your car to Alabama. This will help you to select the best shipping type at minimal rate.

Here are few important terms:

  1. Open carrier – Your car is loaded along with other several cars in an open truck. This divides the net costing among all these customers and reduces individual expenses.
  2. Closed carrier – Here, your vintage car is loaded in an enclosed container along with one or two other antique cars.
  3. Door-to-door shipment – The carrier arrives at your door to pick your car and delivery to the destination address. In case you live in a sparsely populated area where there is enough space to move such long carriers, you can opt this type of shipment.
  4. Terminal-to-terminal shipment – If you live in a congested area, you can select terminal shipment. In this case, the carrier will pick your car from a particular location near your area. You need to drive your car to this location. During delivery, you will be assigned a location from where you can collect your car.
  5. Door-to-terminal shipment – Depending on different reliable factors, you can choose either door-to-terminal shipment or vice-versa. In case you are shifting from a congested area to spacious area, you may choose door-to-terminal shipment.

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