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India is unquestionably a normal spot to choose understanding based professionals and economical work pressure. We’re servicing our Worldwide clients within this sort of business process delegate and we’ve been very effective off shore outsourcing. We’ve understood the business nuances and adopted continuous improvement to own finest in the plan to our clients and so we offer BPO and Live live answering services company Outsourcing Services in Kolkata, India.

Using this knowledge of Recruitment, it’s easy that people source the domain experts in almost any business to acquire most current listings for the client service along with other outsourcing operation. “True Value for lesser money”

We adopt customized strategies to fit the customer requirement thus offering economical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Live live answering services company solutions. The customer can save huge money and concurrently the job is accomplished by gifted and skilled work pressure from your premises in India.

Linking L&D To Digital Transformation

Our facilities contain advanced telecom devices and it also strategies to handle any type of Live live answering services company and BPO Services. Our technology team always liaisons with vendors for your very best in we’ve got the technology for your centers.

The has become facing a big threat of understanding protection to prevent misuse of understanding. Info search has forecasted these types of issues and developed systems to lessen lower these activities. We take sufficient steps to provide best outsourcing services including customer service, telemarketing, Prospecting, Customer care surveys, help-desk, technical problem-solving, Data entry, chat services, email support, e-mail marketing, Internet internet search engine optimization, etc., beginning within the recruitment stage. Using technology like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) we collect private details like Bank, charge card, ssn (SSN), Card details, bank details, driving license etc. Our outbound Telemarketer firms has DID (Direct Inward Dialing) facility to facilitate our visitors to give us a call back for virtually any queries or complaints. We adopt paper less, restricted internet and quantity of internet security software software software to prevent Data seepage. It’s becoming needed that any outsourcing center should be complaint proof.

Benefits of Comantra BPO:

Greater than 3 experience with BPO and Live live answering services company services.

Strong process understanding on Worldwide Processes

Fully Loaded facility to complete any BPO and live live answering services company operation

Gifted and trained sources to complete the outsourcing operation

Strong commitment towards service levels and quality standards.

Process Methodology:

Everyone knows the company objectives to delegate that are reviewed at regular occasions.

We define realistic goals in compliance while using the expectations within the client company.

We setup the traditional indicators to discover our live live answering services company outsourcing and BPO performance and draft an excellent insurance policy.

European countries banning fossil fuel cars and switching to electric

We elect individuals who might take care the calling agents would report on their behavior to.

Training manuals are produced to match the task requirements of client.

Recruitment are transported out and extensive training is supplied to employees in compliance while using the project needs.

Assessment of quantity and quality gaps between actual and expected and identify strategies to overcome them.

We are driven by Values, Commitment and Dedication and so we stick out within the crowd.

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